• Puppy Sweater


    What's better than a cute little puppy?? A cute little puppy with an adorable sweater. This particular sweater is for a smaller dog, but I can make it in any size* and colors. If it's for a male dog, I can make it without the frilly edges. This would be perfect for dogs who don't have thick fur, or who get cold easy. Or just for someone who wants their dog to look awesome. The button used to close the front can be anything you want, I can use specific colors, or a shape, anything you want. 

    When you order the sweater, I will email you with specific measurements that I need to create the sweater. 

    Pattern was designed by me, based on an example sweater I was given by the person who requested it. I didn't not have any references on how I made this pattern. 

    *Larger sizes will cost more, as well as take more time to make.