How I Got Started

When I was 16 I started knitting because I saw someone else doing it, and thought it looked cool.  I quickly picked it up, but was limited to scarves and blankets (none of which I finished).  I gave up after a year or so because I really didn't want to just make scarves and blankets, I wanted MORE. At that time I had a friend who crocheted, and so I watched, and thought it was really cool, so I tried it.  After several failed attempts, I got really frustrated and gave up. Then a few years later I lived with that friend, and she was still crocheting, and I tried to pick it up again, and I still failed, so I quit again. 

Fast forward to 2012, I started working a new job that allowed me time to have a hobby, so I decided to pick it up again. I was getting really frustrated, and a co-worker of mine saw my frustration, and came over and asked why. When she explained what I was doing wrong, something just clicked and now it all makes sense. 

Currently most of my products are hats, because they're so fun to make. For the base I use the pattern by the amazing Repeat Crafter Me.  She has some of the most amazing designs, and the base hat pattern is awesome. I then customize it to what I am making for my customers. I also make blankets, scarves, pot holders and amigurumi figures. 

Anything you can think of, I can pretty much make, if you have a custom request, feel free to use my contact form, or to use one of my contact methods to get ahold of me, and we can work something out. 

**Recent Update: I have started knitting again as well, so I now offer knit goods as well as crochet!